Product Summary

The AF82801JDO is a data communications ic. The AF82801JDO distinguishes from other low level HDLC devices by its advanced characteristics. The most important are: Beyond the point-to-point configurations, the AF82801JDO directly enables point-to-multipoint or multimaster configurations without additional hardware or software expense. In point-to-multipoint configurations, the AF82801JDO can be used as a master as well as a slave station. Even when working as slave station, the AF82801JDO can initiate the transmission of data at any time. An internal function block provides means of idle and collision detection and collision resolution, which are necessary if several stations start transmitting simultaneously. These features were integrated to support multimaster configurations.


AF82801JDO absolute maximum ratings: (1)Ambient temperature under bias: SAB TA: 0 to 70°C, SAF TA: -40 to 85°C; (2)Storage temperature Tstg: -65 to 125°C; (3)Voltage on any pin with respect to ground Vs: -0.4 to VDD + 0.4V; (4)Maximum voltage on any pin Vmax: 6V.


AF82801JDO features: (1)Different modes of data encoding; (2)Modem control lines (RTS, CTS, CD); (3)Support of bus configuration by collision resolution; (4)Programmable bit inversion; (5)Transparent receive/transmit of data bytes without HDLC framing; (6)Continuous transmission of 1 to 32 bytes possible; (7)Data rate up to 4 Mbit/s.


 AF82801JDO block diagram